Adventure of Change in Adrasan


For change, it is a need to renew our physical environment even for a little time, and to move somewhere covered with beauties. And under the magic of that new physical environment, trying to look at our career, business life and social roles from outside, reviewing our point of view, and noticing our prejudices are among the most important benefits to be caught. If we can achieve this in the way of a sweet adventure, we will feel like no one can stop us and adapt into the change process rapidly.

Think that we both learn and move, and find peace in the natural beauties within this adventure. Those that are said, shared, heard and seen will have a much more different effect and meaning.

We are experiencing the first steps of change with you in the inspiring nature of Adrasan.


  • 6-hour Workshop on the Preferred Topic

Managing My Stress | Gaining Perspective | Awakening the Hidden Leader Inside Me | Discovering My Creativity

(We can consider different topics together, in line with your needs.)

  • Accommodation in Adrasan for 3 days / 2 nights
  • Walking Tracks to Olimpos and Sazak Village Led by a Professional Guide
  • Exploration at Yanartaş
  • Boat Trip
  • Sea Joy
  • Yoga and Breathing Exercises
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Two Ways Transfer between Antalya Airport and Adrasan

*Participants are covered with travel insurance.


Number of Participants: 10

Duration: 3 days | 2 nights
For Details and Registration: | 0530 880 92 72 – 0216 456 44 62


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