Executive Coaching
A coaching service given to Middle and senior managers for them to use their potential, enhance their performances and overcome their internal barriers.
Team Coaching
A service which utilizes coaching tools to get the people forming a team work more efficiently in accordance with the common goal.
Corporate Coaching
A holistic coaching service that aims to help small and medium-sized firms to create mission-vision-strategy-values and action plans.
Expat Coaching
A coaching process that individuals who come to work in Turkey go abroad to work from Turkey benefit from in order to adjust to the cultural changes and manage change.


Career Coaching
A goal-oriented coaching service that aims to accompany individuals who are determining career steps.
Individual Coaching
A coaching service that aims to enable individuals in a decision making process to make quicker and better choices.
Change Coaching
A coaching process where individuals discover the most appropriate behavior approach for them to go through change processes more easily.
Group Coaching
Group work for people who want to determine their personal goals and focus on the same topic.