Discovery Meetings
This is the first and important step that advances with professional moderation which aims to involve employees in the process, including identification of any subject-related problems or obstacles.

  • Service Needs Analysis
  • Problem Determination
  • Identifying Employees’ Perception of the Institution
Corporate Perception Management
An integrated service that is specially prepared for the company provided to ensure that the messages that employees and managers give out are paralleled with the institutions and brands.
Change Process Consulting
Services that would ensure all social stakeholders would adopt, accept and implement change during the company’s change process and create behavior change.
Establishing a Mentoring System
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Individual Perception Analysis
The process through which individuals are measured as to how they are perceived personally and professionally.
Individual Image Consulting
A set of visual-oral-behavioral, digital-social services provided for the creation and management of the personal brand after perception analysis.
Career Development Consulting
Services related to the design of the career steps of students or professionals in various stages of their careers.
Digital Identity Management
Services provided for the representation of digital identities to be consistent with social identity in terms of Personal Branding.