Discovering My Passion


Most of us are just dragged along the routine bends of life, and continue our lives by ignoring a really important aspect; that is our PASSIONS that will increase our joy of living and provide a real satisfaction in our lives. What or who are there in our lives that make us excited and full of the joys of spring? Among them, are there any that we give up or cannot dare to achieve or haven’t even discovered yet?

Come and let us all together convert these into a beautiful vision board, by concretizing our passions more, learning the dreams of others and sharing some of ours; then we can prioritize ourselves and our desires more through our life by looking at that board.

You are expected to our discovery of passions with your symbol of motivation (these could be any item that wouldn’t be a burden for you, music, drink, etc.)
Number of Participants: 8

Duration: 2.5 hours
For Details and Registration: | 0530 880 92 72 – 0216 456 44 62


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