Expanding My Perspective


The feelings that we feel for the events / situations we experience are associated with how we perceive them. And most of the time, there are differences between how we perceive ourselves and how our environment perceives us. And there is also the ideal perception that refers to how we want to be perceived If these three aren’t parallel to each other, conflicts will occur and we will feel bad. Once we gain these three dimensional perspective, we will make more sense out of situations and try to fill the gaps.

In order to achieve our targets, to be in stable relationships with people or just to feel ourselves better, understanding this perspective will provide us with good gains. Come and let’s expand our perspective with real examples from our lives.

You are expected to this conversation with the subject that you want to resolve mostly and can share with the group, written (in shapes or words) on a paper of your favorite color.

Number of Participants: 8

Duration: 2.5 hours
For Details and Registration: info@rna-tr.com | 0530 880 92 72 – 0216 456 44 62


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