Personal Awareness Workshop


It is a greater need than ever today for an individual to look at other individuals around him, life, the world and the universe with a vision of the future starting from himself…

In this workshop we share different dimensions of Awareness.

We will conduct mind-perception work that will make it easier for us to recognize our prejudices, and enable us to review our career, corporate life and our point of view on our social roles.


Week 1 | Awareness of Yourself

Are you really living the life you want to live? What do you want? How free are you? Are you aware of your wishes, your needs? How much does your job respond to these ? What should you realize in life to make it better and more satisfying for you?

Week 2 | Awareness of the Environment

What is happening outside? In your family, company, city, country, the world? How much of it are you aware of? What are you doing to change what? Where do you belong? How would your life be if you were surrounded by what kind of people? What would change if you were aware of what in your environment? Are you willing to accept those you can’t change?

Week 3 | Awareness of Time

Time is passing by. Somewhere in the world people are preparing a different kind of future for us… How aware of it are you? How much do you know about the existence of half human, half cyborgs, the beginning of teleportation, about the developments in science and technology? Are you only in your world or do you follow the developments? What do you need to notice the robot city in Korea, the station visit in America and others? Are you in the moment? Are you aware of your priorities?

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