Gülden Döğerli

guldendogerliGulden Dogerli Acar is graduated from Istanbul Technical University Textile Engineering with bachelor’s and master degrees, and has worked for various companies in the textile industry. She has continued her business career as a technical expert on the evaluation of cross-medium-long term investment projects, in TSKB (Turkish Investment Bank).She has moved to Germany with her family due to her husband’s job rotation and has lived there for 3 years. During her stay in a foreign country, she had to learn a new language, adapt to the new living arrangement and to a different culture. She has also worked in Hugo Boss, one of the leading textile companies in fashion planning process. Living in Germany as expatriate was an enriching experience which led Dogerli Acar to have a new career path when she comes back to Turkiye.Gulden Dogerli Acar is working as consultant and project manager for RNA Change Management. She is responsible for pre and post relocation of expatriates and their families. She helps them in their adaptation of the Turkish social and business life. Dogerli Acar provides consultancy about “Changes in Societies, Cultures and Habits”, “Changes in Lifestyles” and “The Changes Brought by Relocation”.