Nihal Gelirli

nihalgelirliAfter having completed her tertiary education in business management, she started her career in the banking industry. Her leadership characteristics carried her to the team leader position in the company; she also gave trainings on sales and marketing, team spirit, communication on the phone and performance appraisal. She took trainings on Creative Drama and Leadership. She is currently carrying out research on ‘Psychodrama practices on Adult Training’ and is developing new practices to be used in trainings. She has observed in her son’s educational life that true learning only takes place by internalizing and thus she has reflected this experience to all of her practices through active applications. During her academic life, she was involved in drama and many different fields of sports; she is a licensed sportswoman. Some of the sports fields that is interested in are sailing, athletics and volleyball. She is currently working as the RNA Change Management Training Coordinator and participates in the design of customized trainings for companies or individuals.