Well-Being Workshop


We are discovering our well-being elements that will make us feel really good and balanced in our life. Based upon our own lives and being inspired by the perspectives of others, we are looking for the answers to some vital questions such as:  “What is well-being?”, “What do I think about my Physical / Emotional / Mental well-being levels?”, “What do I need to improve to maximize my well-being?” We convert the answers first into targets and then into realizable action plans.

We experience the words of Socrates that “The unexamined life is not worth living!” by examining our well-being levels from time to time, getting relieved as we examine, and determining our direction steadyingly. Because it is only when we determine our thoughts, feelings and desires that are far from illusions that we can live in a simpler and vigorous life in harmony with ourselves.

Week 1 | Identification of Our Well-Being Levels
Week 2 | Our Improving Targets
Week 3 | Our Smart Action Plans

Number of Participants: 8

Duration: 3 weeks | 2 hours

For Details and Registration: info@rna-tr.com | 0530 880 92 72 – 0216 456 44 62


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