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Writing is a cosmic human experience as the most original and difficult way of expression. Action and reaction, reason and result, entanglement and disentanglement… Writing incorporates all with all its power.

No matter how long we play hide-and-seek with it, it will come across us at a point of our lives. When we embrace the struggle of expressing our emotions, complain, cannot resist the desire to express our admiration, seek to defend an issue or a thesis of us vibrantly, and shout out the reality, only the reality to the world, we grab the pen to express in words…

We are meeting in this workshop to address the action of “writing”, to determine where we are and where we want to go with this action, to clarify our route, and to build a brand new life room together.

Would you like to revive your words and go on unique journeys with them?


Week 1 | ‘Writing’ as a concept

  • Self-portrait study: Being a ‘reader’ first…
  • Mirror: “Why do I want to write?” – Confess the level of your enthusiasm and aim!
  • Time design
  • Must have tools of a writer: Curiosity and hunger

Text of the week exercise*

(*) Participants will be informed about the subject at the end of session.


Week 2 | Building a living study

  • Introduction to normlessness and limitlessness – Do not be afraid of being afraid!
  • Revolt against suppressing yourself: Challenges, problems and renunciations
  • Identification of genre, language and method
  • Refreshment for a new discipline and environment preparation

Text of the week exercise*

(*) Participants will be informed about the subject at the end of session.


Week 3 | Transformation

  • Motivation, courage and patience – Free your words!
  • Being the creator of legible texts: Shift from a writing person to a writer
  • Evolution of writer: Alienation, destruction, blindness, blockage and loss of self-confidence
  • ‘The will to disappear’ after the first manuscript, ‘being reborn’ after a thousand manuscripts…
  • And a new short story writer is born – Fade out…


At the end of training, participants will be provided with a list of specially selected books under the title “Writer’s Library”.


Number of Participants: 8

Duration: 3 weeks | 3 hours
For Details and Registration: info@rna-tr.com | 0530 880 92 72 – 0216 456 44 62


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