Hüseyin Caner

Hüseyin was educated at Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi and completed his undergraduate studies in business management at Istanbul University. Between 2000 and 2003, he worked towards his MBA at Yeditepe University, then completed his postgraduate studies in finance and accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor. He began his professional career in 1999 as an auditor at BDO International, then joined PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Istanbul office in 2003 where he provided audit and consultancy services to customers. In addition to this, Hüseyin was a lead trainer at the company, delivering training in finance and accountancy to staff there. He left his manager position in 2009 and became Director of Financial Affairs for a leading pharmaceutical company. Since 2010, he has been providing Financial Consultancy and Training services with RNA Change Management.

Mehmet Emin Barsbey

Mehmet Emin Barsbey is a 2 dan Go player and the founder of the Istanbul Go School. Mehmet studied industrial engineering at Galatasaray University, and after working in the advertising and publishing industry, he decided to pursue a professional career in Go, representing Turkey at the 2nd and 3rd South Korea Prime Ministers Cup. As Turkey's only European Go Federation certified Go Referee, he has been the chief referee at the International Istanbul Go Tournament for 6 years. Mehmet started his Go workshops at the Gifted Children's Foundation and continues to give lessons at Açı and Hisar Schools. He also runs classes for adults at the Istanbul Go School. He has served as Istanbul’s representative and as a Member of the Supervisory Board at the Turkish Go Players Association, and was one of the founders of the Istanbul Go Players Association. At RNA Change Management, Mehmet leads creative workshops s a trainer-practitioner in Strategic Perspective Development, Perception Management in Leadership, and Creative Approaches in Change Processes.

Özge Bulut Maraşlı

Özge spent the first 20 years of her 28-year career in the real sector working in finance, strategic planning and business development. For 22 years, she has been a manager and shareholder across various sectors and disciplines, and has served as Chairwoman, Deputy Chairwoman and Board Member across various organisations.

Özge serves as Chairwoman of the Board at Fabu Mühendislik, is a Managing Partner of MAY Production, serves as a Board Member at Doğan Music, Net D and Slowtürk, and is an Independent Board Member at Fark Holding. She also serves as a Board Advisor to Doğan Holding, and is an Investment Board member at Two Zero Venture Capital Fund and Arya Investment.  Two Zero Girişim Sermaye Fonu ve Arya Investment Yatırım Kurulu üyeliği görevlerini sürdürmektedir.

Until May 2018, she served as the CEO of Kanal D and D Yapım, and then as Deputy CEO of Doğan TV. Before moving to Doğan TV, she was responsible for strategic alignment of business lines and business development at Doğan Holding, and served as Vice President of Strategic Planning. Prior to this, she was Head of Investor Relations and the Corporate Relations Department at the company. During this period, she was also a Board Advisor to Doğan Enerji, Doğan Organic Products, Milpa, Ditaş and Çelik Halat A.Ş.

Before joining the Doğan Group, Özge worked as a consultant at Sabancı Holding across several areas, including strategic planning, business development, M&A, privatization and restructuring of energy, telecom, food, retail, automotive and cement projects and business units under the CEO.

However, she began her career in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, and between 1993 and 2003,  worked in various roles in finance and business development management at Marsa Kraft, a joint venture between Kraft Foods International and Sabancı Holding A.Ş.

Today, Özge is a Board Member at the Women's Association and Arya Women, President of the Kocaeli Arya Challenge Club, Senior Advisory Board Member for the Turkish Investor Relations Association, Board Member at the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, member of the American Turkish Society (ATS) Young Global Leaders Nomination Committee, Advisory Board Member for the Sabancı University MBA Program, Demirkent Education Foundation and Professional Women Network, and an alumni of TKYD, WPO and G20 Young Global Leaders. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum, and an Executive Board Member for the MEI Digital Media Literacy Project and MEI Strategy. Özge also serves as an Endeavour Mentor, as an Advisory Board Member for In Development-The Cannes Drama Creative Forum, and an international jury member for the International Emmy Awards.

Gülcan Demirkol Aytemur

Gülcan began her professional career in Ankara in 1993 as a sales representative in charge of the public sector at Koç Group, and held various positions in sales, marketing and management at Xerox Turkey and Xerox Europe for over 15 years.

Between 2004 and 2010, she was the Global Services unit and Lean Six Sigma program manager, and Board member for the Xerox Eastern Europe, Turkey and Israel Regions. She completed her two-year Lean Six Sigma Design for Lean Six Sigma certification for the service sector, studying in both America and the UK.

As Acting CEO between 2010 and 2011, Gülcan managed Turkey's restructuring project. Within sales and marketing and in the field of change, transformation and business/people, she has conducted a range of projects focusing performance management, talent management, and feedback processes, as well as projects on Lean Six Sigma, change management, open innovation, and life at work. She has conducted award-winning work for the Turkish Quality Association, the Sabancı Group, Bosch Turkey and Xerox International.

Gülcan was a trainer-consultant at Baltaş Group for almost two years, then in 2015 she founded GDAPARTNER, a strategic business partnership. Here she continues her work as an executive consultant, and focuses on the development and implementation of sales-marketing oriented change and innovation strategies, and on the periodic manager model.

In addition to her interests in history, painting and sports, she is also a founding member, mentor and volunteer in various NGOs and works on projects aiming seeking to achieve "the development of women, the development of society and the inclusion of women in the economic workforce."

Duygu Türkan İnam

Duygu began her career at Yapı Kredi Bank Corporate & Commercial Banking. She served as Change Management Manager for several years at Yapı Kredi Bank, Akbank and Borusan Holding, one of the largest companies in Turkey. She has led project and change management in large-scale, complex, multi-stakeholder strategic transformation projects. Her areas of expertise include project and change management, digital transformation, business processes, business models, and cultural and organisational change.

In 2019, Duygu moved into a Change Management Practitioner role at Prosci, which is internationally recognised in the field for its work on evidence-based methodologies. She monitors developments in change management research and methodologies closely and provides change management consultancy to a wide range of companies. Duygu has also completed the ‘Advancing the Path to Core Coaching Masteries’ (accredited by the ICF) training program. With coaching being a foundational aspect of change management, she also provides executive coaching.

As one of the Founders and Board Member of the Turksih branch of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), the world's most widespread Change Management organisation, Duygu mentors and coaches entrepreneurs and students across various non-profit platforms.

After graduating from Celal Bayar University with a BA in Economics, Duygu completed her MBA at Ege University and Executive Mini MBA program at Koç University. She has also worked with prestigious universities such as University of Virginia, Bocconi University and Koç University in her areas of expertise.

Aslı Caner

Marmara Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi Gazetecilik Bölümü mezunu. 14 yıl farklı yayın kuruluşlarında editörlük yaptıktan sonra içerikteki tecrübesini dijitale taşıdı ve Türkiye’nin ilk dijital ajanslarından biri olan Youth Media’da Kurucu Ortak ve Genel Müdür olarak çalıştı.

As an Endeavour Entrepreneur, in 2010, Aslı joined forces with Melek Pulatkonak, Founder of TurkishWIN, to launch the social enterprise BinYaprak, established to increase women’s representation in in the professional world.

In 2017, she founded Fayda Studio, which produces and implements creative, digital, social media and event projects. With the same team, she launched www.culturevulture.com to look at the world of culture and art from a different perspective.
Specialising in digital communication and stakeholder communication in corporate and social transformation projects, Aslı serves as a corporate communications and marketing consultant for BluTV, Güvensan Tesis Hizmetleri, and 39 Kalamış Marina. She is also a Founding Member of ACMP Turkey, an Advisory Board Member at TedX Reset Turkey, Board Member at Arya Women's Platform, and a member of TurkishWIN, BinYaprak, Arya Women's Platform, PwN and ACMP Global.

Dr. Cenk Tezcan

Dr. Cenk Tezcan is a medical doctor, health futurist, co-founder of Bwise and BeWell, hospital designer, medical scientist, and a part-time lecturer at Middle East Technical, Bilgi and Medipol Universities. 

He has been producing projects in the healthcare sector for over 25 years, with turnkey hospital and health projects, digital health, and healthy living among his main areas of interest and expertise. 

Through the B-engaged Corporate Wellbeing program, Dr. Cenk helps employees develop healthy, happy habits, and teaches how to "plan for the future and live healthily" at various universities. He also works to spread common sense, the sharing economy, healthy living and happiness around Turkey. Dr. Cenk Tezcan has worked as a consultant for the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, SGK and various Ministries, and also mentors healthcare entrepreneurs. 

He is currently working on “Turnkey healthcare projects” at BeWell and “Future design” and “Healthy, happy life” at Bwise. 

Dr. Cenk is the author of “Mobile Health: An Innovative Perspective on Health”, written for the Turkish Industry and Business Association, and is a professional speaker on innovation in health, mobile health, health tourism and the future. He both directed and presented a 13-part series on TRT on the future of life and health, and regularly publishes articles on www.cenktezcan.com. 

Cenk Tezcan continues to be an active association member of YASTED and TFD, and is a proud father of two.

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