Knowledge Base

Change involves new ways of working and a different way of doing things. That means it also requires a whole new set of skills. During periods of transition, not only will employees need to develop their skill sets and broaden their horizons, they’ll need to address gaps in their knowledge or at least update it. An organisation needs to manage this process carefully and attentively to help employees as they journey outside of their comfort zones, while also making them aware of the benefits which change can bring.

At RNA Academy, our aim is to increase awareness across the organisation, guide employees as they learn, and help them get the most out of their experiences.







Constantly evolving customer needs and expectations, economic factors and technological developments force institutions to change. These changes might be experienced as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, downsizing, changes in company culture or changes made as part of wider business strategy. Companies that manage change correctly are able to adapt to the dynamics of our ever-evolving world more efficiently and with better outcomes.