Will AI Eat Me?

The Artificial Intelligence, which is the subject of old science-fiction films, has also started to gain a place in our lives, with the increase in digitalization in recent years. This adventure, which started with smart robots, was accelerated by the digital artificial intelligence tools that we consult many things in our daily life, and in a very short time it started to exist in all areas of our lives such as coding, writing books, singing songs to photos and making effects on videos.

The whole world, but especially the business world, started to discuss whether artificial intelligence poses any threat or not. So much so that some "rumors" began to be talked about artificial Intelligence and discussed. The concerns have already been heightened due to a report which was written by the Financial Times that Meta is working on and plans to launch a "chatbot" - artificial intelligence that include the personalities and knowledge of well-known individuals in the field - that it will be named as "Persona".

The fact that It is not clearly predictable what artificial intelligence can do, its limits, under what conditions what and how it will do something etc. has brought uncertainty and turned it into a situation that creates anxiety for most people. In addition to this uncertainty, increasing economic problems, inflation and difficulties in living conditions caused artificial intelligence to strike many professional groups like lightning, creating a "psychological chaos" environment all over the world.

The fact that many business areas can be handled from a single source with little need for human power and knowledge has rightly created a real threat perception for employees working in these areas. In addition to all these uncertainties, anxiety and stress, we think that this uneasiness and stress against artificial intelligence is justified at one point, but we think that there may be some aspects that are overlooked. “Will artificial intelligence take away my workforce?”, “Will I be unemployed?” “What will I do? We reinforce the chaos of anxiety by asking each other questions that the answer is not clear.

It is a scientifically proven that our mental processes do not operate as usual when we perceive any threat, fear or worry. In this case, if we see artificial intelligence as a monster that will eat us and focus on helplessness, hopelessness and worries, our productivity will be affected. Monsterizing artificial intelligence and hiding from it, waiting for it to come and eat us at any moment, or to underestimate and ignore it is not a functional coping strategy. On the contrary, it can put the current situation we are in, both individually and organizationally, into a very complex flow.

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